Anthro 289: Feminist Perspectives in Anthropology

Instructor: Karen Nakamura
Monday nights 7:00pm - 10:00pm (Car 204)
Last offered: Spring 2002
Next offered: Spring 2004

Course Description

This course is the first part of a two-course sequence on gender and sexuality in anthropology. In this first half, we will focus on gender and women in heterosexual social relationships, analyzing central feminist works in anthropology from the 1970s through 1990s. We will look at the status of women cross-culturally, gender as a category of analysis, gender and emotion, technologies of the body, and the new feminist and post-modern ethnography.

Meeting once a week in the evening, we will be reading through eight key feminist ethnographies and as well as excerpts from books on feminist anthropological thought. Students will be required to give numerous presentations and responses through the semester. This course is designed to prepare you for upper-level undergraduate and graduate seminar styles.

Prerequisites and Requirements

Anthro 111: Cultural Anthropology or Anthro 130: Visual Anthropology is a prerequisite. For WGS majors, WGS 125 Introduction to Feminist Theories may be substituted. This course contributes towards majors and minors in the Anthropology Department and Women and Gender Studies Program. This course is targetted towards advanced sophomores, juniors, and seniors in Anthropology and WGS, however anyone who meets the requirements is invited to enroll.

Attendance at the first class is mandatory in order to retain your slot on the course roster.

Pop Quizzes25%
Book Précis40%
Final Exam5%

Textbooks and Course Readings

The required textbooks will be available at the Ruminator Bookstore. Course readings in the forms of articles will be distributed in class and also available through the eReserve system.

Schedule of Readings (when to read what)

Everyone will read through the eight main ethnographies. Check the Course Reserve List (CLICnet).

TopicMain Reading Excerpts from
Overview Excerpts from Feminism and Anthropology
Writing and Representation Thrice Told Tale
Emotion Managed HeartReading the Romance
Veiled Sentiments 
Heart is Unknown Country 
Wombs and Aliens  
Self and Society Crafting Selves
Realm of the Diamond QueenSpirits of Resistance
Technology of Childbirth Testing the Fetus 
Conclusion Excerpts from Situated Lives

Main Ethnographies / Books:
Excerpts from:

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