ANTHRO 489: Contemporary Anthropological Theory

Prof. Karen Nakamura
Fall 2003: Carnegie 105
Tuesdays-Thursdays 2:45-4:15 (Car 204)

Last offered: Fall 2002.
Next offered: Fall 2003.

Course Description

This course is designed for majors and cores who are interested in recent developments in cultural anthropology. The course is organized around the major schools of thought since the in the past two decades, emphasizing the assumptions made and questions asked by practitioners of various approaches. In particular, we are focusing on questions of structure and agency, globalization and post-colonialism, and representation in anthropology. The class will be run as a seminar, with lectures, student presentations, journal article summaries, and written papers.

We are participating in the Public Anthropology Anthropology Journals Project. Last year, students were assigned six (6) American Anthropologist journal articles from the years 1987, 1996, and 2000 to summarize. Here are directions on how to summarize the articles. This assignment should roughly take about 2 hours a week. More information will be handed out in class. This year, we are summarizing:

In addition you will be required to write three position papers (8-10 pages each) regarding the three major topics we are covering in the course.

Prerequisites and Requirements

Advanced Anthropology Course: Open to juniors and seniors. Students should have at least two courses in anthropology including Anthropology 111, or the permission of the instructor. Majors interested in graduate school in anthropology should strive to take Anthro 249 (Feminist Perspectives in Anthropology) as well as Anthro 487: Development of Anthropological Theory. For more information about the major, minor, or cores, please see the Anthropology Department Degree Requirements.

Enrollment limit: 20

Assignment Percentage
Course Participation 5%
Discussion Leadership - Guidelines 5%
Journal Summaries 30%
Position Papers 50%
Pop Quizzes 10%

Textbooks and Course Readings

The required textbooks will be made available at the Ruminator Bookstore. Course readings in the forms of articles will be available through the Mac Library eReserve system.

Schedule of Readings (when to read what; PDF Format)
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