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The Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI) Resource Library

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What is the RSI Resource Library?

One of my friends came up to me yesterday suffering from severe repetitive stress injuries (RSI) to his wrists from typing. He was curious about on-line resources about this problem. So I've created this page as a bookmark to various pages I've found about RSI and other painful wrist syndromes.

Let me state up front that I have a Macintosh bias. I have painful wrists too, so I'm sympathetic. Ouch. Note that many signers (ASL, JSL) have repetitive stress injuries in their wrists and arms. This page can't help those folks too much except to recommend splints and lots of rest...

Please note that this page is not being actively updated. Sorry!

Who am I?

I'm a doctoral student in the Department of Anthropology at Yale University studying Deaf communities, Deaf culture, Deaf history, and Deaf political/social movements in Japan and the United States (or so my advisors think). My personal home page is here.

You can now run a search on the entire contents of the RSI & Deaf Resource Libraries. Search engine courtesy of Digital's Alta-Vista. I wrote the custom Perl redirect hack.

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Network Resources for RSI Problems

Speech Recognition Software

The most often referenced software for speech recognition on the Macintosh is Articulate system's Power Secretary. Power Secretary is based on core technology from DragonDictate, a popular PC based speech recognition system. Here are some links that are interesting:

Here are some people who sell Power Secretary:


Programming the Macintosh for Speech Recognition

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RSI News

  Andy Williams  passed on the news
  that the American Physical Therapy Association is sponsoring two
  free days of phone help to help those affected by the "Information
  Revolution." Sounds like a good time to call to chat about your
  carpal tunnel or tendonitis. The dates are 02-Feb-94 and 03-Feb-94
  and the phone number is 800/995-7848.

RSI Newsletter
  Another resource for those suffering from RSI problems is the RSI
  Newsletter, published by Caroline Rose and distributed
  electronically in setext form (suitable for framing, or viewing
  with Easy View) by Craig O'Donnell . The
  RSI Newsletter has been around for 14 months, which qualifies it
  as a geezer resource on the fast moving nets. Maybe its longevity
  can help convince businesses and organizations that repetitive
  stress injuries are real.

  To subscribe, send Craig email at the above address and put "RSI
  Newsletter" (without the quotes) in the Subject: line. Craig's
  mailer will add you to the list automatically, but he can't answer
  personally (he has RSI problems too). To check out the information
  that has appeared in the RSI Newsletter in the past via both FTP
  and Gopher, explore the URLs below, which also should point you to
  other RSI resources.


  Although the RSI Newsletter publishes letters from readers, for
  true discussion, check out the SOREHAND list. To subscribe, send
  email to:


  with this line in the body of the message (no Subject


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