ANTHRO 50-03: Minorities and Sexualities in Modern Japan

also cross-listed as: WGS 50-03

Fall 2002
MWF 9:40 - 10:40 Carnegie 204
Prof. Karen Nakamura
Last offered: Fall 2002

Course Description

Japan is often portrayed as a homogeneous nation, but beneath the calm surface of unity lies a tumultuous mix of minorities, including resident Koreans, former outcaste Burakumin, aboriginal Ainu, nascent gays and lesbians, the disabled, etc. Building pressure for many decades, minority politics have recently emerged as a critical force in Japan. We examine the issues of minorities, sexualities, and the politics of identity from an anthropological and sociological perspective.

This course is cross-listed in Anthropology and Women and Gender Studies.

Prerequisites and Requirements

Anthro 11: Cultural Anthropology is required. Asian 11: Intro to Asian Studies, Anthro 50-03: Japanimation and Manga, or an equivalent introduction to modern Japanese history and culture is strongly recommended but not required (but don't complain if you have to hit the history/culture books several times during the semester).

Enrollment limit: 11

Textbooks and Course Readings

The required textbooks will be available at the Ruminator Bookstore. Course readings in the forms of articles will also be distributed in class.

Schedule of Readings (when to read what; PDF Format)

Topic Presentations
Note: Presentation topics may be changed with instructor approval
Pop Quizzes10%
Position Papers30%
Research Paper40%

Library and Other Resources

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